Business Recovery Programme

Business Recovery Programme

As well as having a serious implication on people’s health, the COVID-19 pandemic has and continues to impact businesses and the economy significantly, both regionally and globally. IMF expects growth in Asia to stall at 0% in 2020 – the worst performance in 60 years. It also predicts a complicated scenario for whole economies and projects a "Swoosh J" or a "K" shape recovery scenario. Prospects for 2021 are highly uncertain. Other than policy intervention and measures to assist and facilitate SMEs, SMEs being the most impacted must address these challenges, make the shift, understand the new environment, and strategise for the future.

As the pandemic continues to evolve, it is now time for businesses to shift focus, pivot and realign the business. As a long-standing collaborator and partner of the SME industry, the Business Recovery Programme was initiated and customised to provide consultation and guidance to SMEs locally, regionally and internationally on their road to recovery post-COVID. UCSI Consulting Group’s Business Recovery Programme entails understanding the strategy needs, proposing an intervention track and developing a plan of action for execution.

Give us a call and let’s re-strategise on how to leverage on uncontested market spaces in these uncertain times.

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