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Dr Raj Kumar


Dr. Raj Kumar is an expert in the field of Strategy & Innovation. He is currently the CEO of UCSI Consulting Group & Strategic Advisor to UCSI Group Holdings. Having served in listed Multinational Companies, his forte in consulting is anchored with a sea of experience, ranging from the setting up of business operations to strategic planning, innovation and project execution.

Since his career set sail, Dr. Raj has netted the prestigious Chairman’s most consistent performer award by Informatics Holdings Ltd and top candidate award for strategic business analysis by NCC Education Worldwide. Raj’s key achievements include being chosen to be a part of National Economic Transformation Programme under the purview of the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

An excellent communicator with a gifted mind, Dr. Raj is a certified Consultant and Practitioner from the Blue Ocean Strategy-Initiative Centre of Professors Kim and Mauborgne, co-creators of Blue Ocean Strategy. The companies he has hooked up in deploying and implementing Blue Ocean Strategy consist of international firms, billion-dollar conglomerates and government-lead companies.

His portfolio includes the formulation of Blue Ocean Strategies for the No. 1 Global Pharmaceutical company, the largest bank in Asia, the largest media agency in Asia, a leading education institution in Southeast Asia and a mega property development project in the region. Raj has also conducted training programmes on Blue Ocean Strategy across North America, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, interacting with participants from over 25 countries.

Dr. Raj holds a doctorate degree in Business and Administration from UCSI University (Asia’s top 80) majoring in organizational innovation. He also holds a Master of Science in Strategic Business from University of Portsmouth (UK), a Postgraduate Diploma from NCC Education (UK) where he graduated top of his class and a Bachelor’s Degree with Honours in Information Technology majoring in Project Management from University Tenaga Nasional (Malaysia). Being conferred as an Adjunct Professor of Strategy, Dr.Raj also gives guest lectures in renowned Universities in the region.

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